TestFairy Webhooks Are Here!

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TestFairy Webhooks Are Here!

Webhooks are a cross-server callbacks. A “let me know when something happened” deal. With TestFairy’s webhooks, you can connect our leading app distribution, monitoring and feedback with your own backend within minutes.
TestFairy sends an HTTP POST request with a JSON when a predefined set of criteria has been met. For example, you can configure these:

  • Let me know when a tester has downloaded my app. I want to know their email and the referrer
  • Let me know when my app crashed, and send the stack trace, so I can notify the right developer
  • Let me know when a feedback has been received, I want to manage priorities
  • Let me know when my CI finished uploading a new build, I want to update my ad campaign with the new link

As each scenario is tailor-suited for your needs, webhooks open a wide range of possibilities for integration between our systems.


TestFairy sends every bit of information you might need for processing the callback. Let’s consider this sample Payload:

    "event": "feedback",
    "timestamp": "2015-07-01 17:21:00",
    "version": "1.0",
    "build": 1,
    "appName": "Demo App",
    "filesize": 563876,
    "buildUrl": "https://app.testfairy.com/projects/10-demoapp/builds/584120",
    "iconUrl": "https://testfairy.s3.amazonaws.com/icons/4/68348e8d8265771d64636e2d57bb9a672f812e1a.png",
    "email": "alice@corporation.com",
    "rawDeviceName": "samsung gt-i9100t",
    "ipAddress": "",
    "text": "App doesn't render nicely in landscape"

Every callback includes “event” field and basic information about the build involved. For complete information about payloads for each event, please refer to the TestFairy Webhooks Documentation.

Seamless Integration

TestFairy’s webhooks automatically recognize Slack and HipChat by their URLs. Setting up a 3rd-party Incoming Webhook URL as TestFairy’s outgoing URL, will post the payloads specifically formatted for the target platform.
Here’s a nice screenshot of Slack with TestFairy webhook:


Here is what you need to do:
1. Open up your preferences page by clicking Account -> Preferences
2. Select Webhooks tab from the left sidebar.
3. Click on “+ New Webhook” to create a new integration.
4. Supply Name and URL. You can test if the integration works by clicking the Test button.
5. Additional fields specify event triggers and selected projects.
6. Click “Save” and you’re done!

Additional Resources

The Complete TestFairy Webhooks Documentation