TestFairy iOS is Out of Beta!

Ahhh, that aroma of a freshly baked SDK. Can you smell it?
TestFairy SDK for iOS is out of beta. It means that the powerful tool that is known to Android developers is now available for iPhone & iPad developers alike. No longer should you release an app and just hope for the best, with the SDK integrated, you can understand how people are using your app. Is the user-experience working as planned? Are all features accessible, do users even need them? When an app crashed, would you like to see the logs and memory allocations say, 10 seconds before it went down?
Preview of iOS SDK
What does it take?
Just one line of code. That’s it. One, au, uno,  eens, echad. One!
[TestFairy begin: @"MY_APP_TOKEN"]
Add this line to your AppDelegate‘s application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: and TestFairy will also handle crashes.
What’s even more awesome, is that you have full control of what you want to inspect:

  • Track app use.
  • Handle crashes and report to server.
  • Record screen video and other metrics.
  • Understand user flow using checkpoints.
  • Grab NSLogs from client and report to server.


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