TestFlight alternative

TestFairy is a super smart app testing platform that can help you developer faster and better.  If you are one of those developers that worked with TestFlight and following TestFlight shutting down looking for a TestFlight alternative, we can help!
TestFairy is a super-easy-to-use testing platform that allows mobile developers do their app testing in an easy and efficient way.  Besides the basic TestFlight features that allowed developers to send apps to testers, get their crash reports, and upgrade them when needed, TestFairy can do a lot more.
With TestFairy developers can get real insights about what exactly happens on the client side during testing, including a video that shows you exactly what your tester did while testing your app. Every screen and every touch is recorded and the results is a video that helps your developer fix bugs faster and better. And there is more. TestFairy Reports also include CPU, memory, battery, logs, coverage reports, heat maps and so much more.
TestFairy is available both for iOS and Android, and is extremely easy to use. The iOS SDK is suprt easy to implement, and Android apps require any integration or any sdk. All you need to do is upload your app, and invite your testers.
TestFairy also offer a quick migration tool that allows you to export all your UDIDs from TestFight, use it before it is too late.
You are welcome to try TestFairy for free today today.

14 reasons why TestFairy is better

So why is TestFairy better than all the others? We keep getting questions about the competition and where exactly TestFairy is better, and the fact is we have some great answers. Here are some of them.

1. TestFairy provides videos that show what exactly happened on the client side while the app was tested. Every screen and every touch is recorded, with no exception. Most Testing tools focus on sending apps to testers and finish their work once the tester installed the app. At TestFairy, we think that this is where the fun starts and this is where we can help you get more value from your current testing process. Instead of waiting for a feedback or for a crash, why don’t you see what your testers are doing and learn from their behavior?

2. TestFairy for enterprise comes on a dedicated private cloud, connects to every SAML SSO in the market, and has an option for a dedicated firewall per customer.  No other testing platform is anywhere close to this level of security.

3. TestFairy integrates with any issue management system out there, including JIRA server (even when installed on behind firewall) so that all the crashes and bug reports your team has get pushed automatically to where they belog.

4. TestFairy works on any Android or iOS device in any version, no root access is needed, no cables, no hacking and no cracking. On iOS, all versions are supported including iOS7 and iOS6, on Android all versions are supported starting Android 4 (api 15)

5. TestFairy does not *require* testers to download a testers app or open an account. We do offer a testers app and a testers mobile dashboard, however these are optional for testers who want or need to be more involved in the testing process, report bugs and browser through version history. If your tester is a beginner and simply wants to get the app, all they need to do is click on the link they got by email and get the app. Testers can also get your app from our auto generated landing ages, landing pages that are automatically created for every app in the system.

6. TestFairy provides detailed internal metrics such as memory, CPU, memory, network, GPS, OpenGL, mobile reception, wifi, satellite reception, logs, crash reports and a lot more.

7. TestFairy provides detailed coverage reports that can help you understand which parts of your app were tested, so you can understand how good your testing is.

8. TestFairy provides detailed reports that can help you understand how much time every tester used your app, how much time your testers spent on every device and a lot more. This allows you to better manage your testing team according to your priorities and budget.

9. TestFairy provides visual analysis reports that show how a given screen (activity/fragment) looks on every device that was tested.

10. TestFairy has open APIs that allow you to integrate the service directly from your IDE or CI with our Gradle plugin for IntelliJ, Android Studio, NetBeans or Jenkins. In case it helps, you can also use our command line uploader  and develop your own plugin.

11. TestFairy has an open API that allows you to download all the raw data that was collected during testing, in case you wish to process this data in your BI systems.

12. TestFairy collects all the logs on the devices and uploads them automatically to your account so you can easily debug errors from the field without asking the testers help in extracting those logs. Remote Logging is available both in testing and in production, and allows exporting logs to external logging systems in real time.

13. TestFairy collects all the crash reports that occurred during testing and allows you to upload them automatically to JIRA, Github Issues or Bugzilla, Trello, Pivotal and others, with all the information collected during that test, just to make that crash report more meaningful, just to help you fix your bugs faster and better.

14. TestFairy allows you to mark specific areas in your app as “sensitive” so those areas such as credit cards, passwords, ssn# and others will not be recorded.

Do you need more? Give it a try, you are going to love it. Signup now at testfairy.com