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Untangle the web and organize your internet browsing with the Pocket Android app.  A cool free download from the Google Play store, Pocket uses the share icon as you travel through the internet, social networks, and apps to save items to read later.  Pocket is filled with cool features, slick graphics, and simple interface for the time you carve out of your day to revisit articles, videos, and more.  As a bonus, the content is available offline for those moments stuck in a waiting room without wi-fi.
The Pocket Android app simply requires a username and email address to get started, and it moves you step-by-step through your first share to Pocket.  You exit out of Pocket, and you open any app or web browser on your Android device.  The content is dimmed in the background, and a pop-up gives you instructions for how to save to Pocket.  You simply look for the share icon, touch it, touch share to Pocket, and you’re finished.  You sill likely have more trouble finding the share icon from time to time than you will actually have sharing the desired content to Pocket.
Pocket app review by TestFairy
When you open the Pocket Android app on your tablet and phone, you will find a neatly organized home screen.  There is a menu bar at the top of the screen with icons to help you navigate, sort, filter, refresh, delete, and access settings.  The default view for the rest of the screen is a matrix of still photos framed by the title and source of items you have shared to Pocket.  Visually, the large photos have impact and add energy to the interface.  If you prefer a streamlined interface, you can switch to a list view with one touch on an icon at the top of the screen.
Pocket app review by TestFairy
With a touch on an item from the matrix or list, you move to a new screen to access the saved content.  You can read an article, watch a video, and check out an interesting Android app you saved from the Google Play Store.  A new top menu bar includes cool one-touch options.  A touch on the check icon archives the content.  If you touch a star, the item moves to your favorite category.  You may choose to adjust the font size and brightness of your screen for viewing.  You may share the content to your Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and other linked social network profiles.  The icon with the three vertical dots is the home of quite possibly the neatest feature of the Pocket Android app–tags.  The ability to create custom tags transforms Pocket into a Pinterest for entrepreneurs.  You create tags for a specific client, marketing research, motivation, and inspiration for new products.  A boring task like creating an office supply order list is transformed with Pocket.  From the home screen, there is a field to enter a tag search that appears just below the top menu bar after you add your first tag.
Pocket app review by TestFairy
The Pocket Android app gives you a quick way to save interesting, useful items you run across when you don’t have time to fully appreciate them.  The neat tags make you more efficient and productive–even if you only use it to organize your LOL cats memes.
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