TestFairy ❤ Xamarin Insights

Xamarin Insights is the de-facto monitoring tool for Xamarin developers. But what happens when the app crashed and you can’t figure out what happened?
That’s why TestFairy and Insights are best buds. Bros. Forever.
Copy-paste this code block into your project. Paste it right after the call to TestFairy.Begin().
[code lang=”csharp”]
NSNotificationCenter.DefaultCenter.AddObserver (TestFairy.SessionStartedNotification, delegate (NSNotification n) {
NSString sessionUrl = (NSString)n.UserInfo.ObjectForKey(TestFairy.SessionStartedUrlKey);
Insights.Track ("TestFairy", new Dictionary<string, string> {{ "URL", sessionUrl }});
Now, when investigating crashes, inspecting weird behaviour and playing Mulder and Scully, your Xamarin Insights will link back to the TestFairy session that represents this crash and tracking information.
It kinda looks like this:
Grab TestFairy for Xamarin here:
NuGet Package: https://www.nuget.org/packages/TestFairy.Xamarin-iOS/
Classic Package (32bit): https://app.testfairy.com/sdk/ios/download/latest/xamarin-classic/
Unified Package (64bit): https://app.testfairy.com/sdk/ios/download/latest/xamarin-unified/
Xamarin Component (32bit + 64bit): https://components.xamarin.com/view/testfairy.xamarin-ios

TestFlight Replacement

TestFlight shutting down, TestFairy to the rescue!
TestFairy, the leader in deep analysis mobile beta testing, announces today its iOS platform following high developer demand after Apple closes testflightapp.com
Tel Aviv, February 16th, 2015 : TestFairy, a company that offers a deep analysis Android beta testing platform for companies such as as Orange, Telefonica, Flipboard, Citrix and over 10,000 other mobile developers is announcing today its launch on iOS, with a complete TestFlight alternative.
TestFairy is totally self-funded and has been working on its iOS solution for over a half a year. Due to high developer demand, the company decided to officially launch today.
The announcement comes at a critical time for developers, because just last week Apple announced that on February 26, The TestFlight website will be shut down and all iOS developers will be forced migrate their apps to the new TestFlight service available inside of iTunes Connect.
This migration is highly problematic for developers due to Apple’s lack of support of testing options for iOS7 that still runs on 27% of iOS devices, along with many other limitations such as limitation of two uploads per day or manual reviews. This developers to look for a TestFlight replacement.
Yair Bar-On, CEO and co-founder of TestFairy explains “We are excited to offer our industry leading technology to the hundreds of thousands of iOS developers looking for a robust app testing platform. TestFairy offers developers not only app distribution like other platforms do, but is focuses on telling the story behind the testing process and making it painless. TestFairy provides in-depth videos that show the developers what exactly happened during the test, as well as detailed graphs about CPU, memory, battery, logs, crash reports, heatmaps and a lot more. We are experiencing unprecedented growth and are looking to finalize our fundraising process shortly.
The app testing space has been heating up lately with some major acquisitions including Apple’s purchase of TestFlight, Microsoft’s acquisition of HokeyApp, Twitter and Crahlytics and Google’s announcement of their Appurify acquisition in the last Google I/O.
TestFairy has positioned itself as the leading independent beta testing platform and the only one that can provides videos, crashes and detailed insights about the testing process. All this saves time, and enables developers to deliver faster and dramatically improve their product quality. Finally, the company is in deep negotiations with major players in both the mobile and testing spaces regarding strategic partnerships.
About TestFairy
TestFairy, is the leader deep analysis mobile beta testing platform, providing app testing solutions for iOS and Android developers. The company was founded in 2013 by Gil Megidish, CTO and Yair Bar-On, CEO and has more than 10,000 developers on its network.
For more information please visit www.testfairy.com

TestFairy iOS is Out of Beta!

Ahhh, that aroma of a freshly baked SDK. Can you smell it?
TestFairy SDK for iOS is out of beta. It means that the powerful tool that is known to Android developers is now available for iPhone & iPad developers alike. No longer should you release an app and just hope for the best, with the SDK integrated, you can understand how people are using your app. Is the user-experience working as planned? Are all features accessible, do users even need them? When an app crashed, would you like to see the logs and memory allocations say, 10 seconds before it went down?
Preview of iOS SDK
What does it take?
Just one line of code. That’s it. One, au, uno,  eens, echad. One!
[TestFairy begin: @"MY_APP_TOKEN"]
Add this line to your AppDelegate‘s application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: and TestFairy will also handle crashes.
What’s even more awesome, is that you have full control of what you want to inspect:

  • Track app use.
  • Handle crashes and report to server.
  • Record screen video and other metrics.
  • Understand user flow using checkpoints.
  • Grab NSLogs from client and report to server.


Introducing TestFairy for Xamarin

It’s hot, it’s hip, it’s here. Introducing TestFairy component for Xamarin!
TestFairy Xamarin Component
Xamarin.iOS developer, rejoice! Now you can integrate TestFairy SDK and manage updates with a click of a button.
Our new component brings all of TestFairy’s recording capabilities to Mono developers. A single line of code is all it takes to begin understand your users, and how they use or test your apps. Forget sending out invitations and just waiting for crash reports (if you’re lucky!). TestFairy not only handles crash reports, but also shows a video of how the user produced it. You get CPU usage charts, memory consumption charts, and you even get back every NSLog and every Console.Write from every device!
What it takes?

  1. Open Xamarin Studio.
  2. Click ‘Project‘ -> ‘Get More Components
  3. Type in ‘TestFairy’ and click ‘Add to App

Now initialise the SDK by calling TestFairy.Begin (“YOUR_APP_TOKEN”);
You can find your unique App Token in your Settings page.
Nuget users can also find TestFairy package in the Nuget repository at: https://www.nuget.org/packages/TestFairy.Xamarin-iOS

Using Adobe Air on Android? You are going to thank me for this plugin!

(Guest post by MaorBar.com)
We have always been heavy TestFlight users, and the announcement that came right after they were bought by Apple, that they will no longer support Android apps on their platform was a huge blow for us as cross-platform developers. Using Adobe Air as our main environment, we couldn’t implement just any native SDK and were basically left without a real solution for testing and debugging our cross-platform apps. Most of the solutions we did find where Native extensions for TestFlight.
A small fairy whispered in our ears about a new kind of project – a highly advanced and sophisticated yet easy to use and implement, called TestFairy 🙂
Having nothing to lose we gave it a shot and were blown away by the amount of vital information presented to us in way that actually made sense, that was easy to understand and analyze. This list of features “killed” TestFlight on all standards.
TestFairy gave us an insight of what’s going on with our apps currently installed on testers and clients’ mobile devices. For the first time we could actually SEE what it means when a client gives you the very specific feedback: “it’s not working”…
So how hard is the implementation?
As easy as it sounds – just upload the APK.
No setup or SDK implementation is needed.
It was all great other than one missing feature: we couldn’t see the AS3 “trace” of caught errors and other information we wanted to trace. In order to deal with this issue we built a small and simple Native Extension that will send the traces to the TestFairy logs.
TestFairy and iOS With TestFairy we do found a solution for android apps but still we wanted both android and iOS in one managed testing platform. As for cross platforms, we have a little secret to share with you, TestFairy is about to support IOS really soon. (already in beta for selected customers)
Here is the Adobe Native Extension for download, documentation can be found here.
We hope you’ll find it as useful as we did and would appreciate your feedback – please share!