Mobile Banking with the IBM team!

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Mobile Banking with the IBM team!

The IBM mobile team in Spain, is working on an innovative project with one of Europe’s leading banks.

I spoke with Mario Gijón Soria, a Mobile Architect at IBM in Spain who is currently working to create an Internet Banking mobile application for the bank, Belén Fuertes Lacuesta who is responsible for testing, and Laura Miralles Pérez who is in charge of Digital Strategy.

Can you please tell me about your project?

“We are working on a new mobile application for a large European bank. With the app that we have developed, the bank clients are going to be able to check account balances and do transactions by using the accounts of third party banks. We are using the newest technologies and integrating with the new open banking systems and these open banking functionalities include very attractive features.

Who designed the app?

The mobile application has been designed from scratch by IBM’s iX (Interactive Experience) division, which is a very powerful team and will ensure a good user experience when using the mobile application.”

IBM Cyber Security X-Force Command Center Cambridge, MA (John Mottern/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

What technology are you using to build this app?

“With Android, we are using coupling as a programming language and the application is compatible with Android 4.4 up to Android 8, so we cover all the versions. In the case of iOS, we are developing on 4.2, so it is compatible with iOS 12, and it can be installed and used from iPhone 5 up to the most recent devices. Regarding platforms, the app is native.”

Were there any challenges due to the fact that the team is in Spain and the customer is in another country?
“Everything is easier if we are on site with the client and the final user, so that’s why we have some people there, but it has for sure been a challenge. We have managed in a good way though and using Testfairy in this case has helped us a lot. We can see the settings of the users and we can have some logs on very useful information which allow us to track the crashes.”

When was TestFairy most useful for you?

“When an error happened during a test, the team could track what happened through the computer and the developers could see exactly what went wrong. That was amazing and saved us a lot of time. Usually it is not possible to track exactly what happened and it is hard to explain to the developers. If it hadn’t been for TestFairy, we wouldn’t have been able to track the problem. TestFairy has also been very useful for distribution because making it so easy for us to distribute the application to the testers and the clients since we are located in so many different locations in Europe.”

What other tools are you using besides Testfairy that you would recommend to other development teams?
“We are using lots of tools, Some of them are FeedLab which is a proxy which is becoming very useful for us because we can track how the service goals or API goals are in place and we can see the details of each call. We are also using Slack for communication so the entire team is on the same channel and we are aligned. In addition, we are using JIRA for tracking issues and Febling for the mockups and the design so the developers have the assets available.”

Would you recommend TestFairy to other teams?

Of course 🙂

Thank you for your time!

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