Heatmaps for Android

If you are a product manager that wants to know how your users really use your app, whether they click on the right buttons, and pay attention to the content that you want to them to see, this is for you.
We are proud to announce that the latest feature on TestFairy, Android Heatmaps, is now available for all enterprise customers. Heatmaps are a super powerful tool that allows you to understand how your users really use your product, where exact they touch, and what is the trend on every screen, activity or fragment, on every resolution. Do they click on the right side of the screen or on the left? do they click on the top of the button or at the bottom, to they touch specific areas more than others? Will ads work better this way or they other?
Heatmaps can help you understand your user behavior and improve your app, improve the experience and improve conversion.

Here is an example of TestFairy heatmaps created with our favorite app, Flipboard.

Flipboard heatmap
Flipboard heatmap

Like all other features on TestFairy, Heatmaps for Android does not require any integration or any sdk, all you need to do is upload your app to TestFairy and invite your testers. On the server, we will add all the necessary code so your app will look the same, behave the same, but will have self recording capabilities so that every touch and every screenshot will be uploaded to our cloud automatically, in real time.

We will be very happy to help you get started. Signup to TestFairy, and improve your app today.

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  • http://www.au.mobilepundits.com/ Mobile Pundits

    Google launched the new Google Maps Android API Utility Library allowing to create easily heatmaps. Take a look the BlogPost and the Google Maps V2 documentation.

    Also, the source code can be found on GitHub with some sample code available.
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