Migrating from TestFlight to TestFairy: FAQ

Where can I find the TestFairy SDK?
TestFairy does not require any integration or any SDK. All you need to do is upload your APK and invite your testers.
Does TestFairy have an app?
Yes. TestFairy has an app, you can download it from here.
Does TestFairy have an API?
Yes, TestFairy has an API, you can read about it here and see a sample of an upload script here
Does TestFairy have a Gradle plugin?
Yes, our Gradle plugin is available on our github.
Can I control who has permission to download my app?
Yes. You can set your project to work in ‘strict mode’ which means that only users that were invited to use your app will be able to download it. On the first invitation, the user will need to choose a password for his account, and after that the user will be required to enter his password before downloading new apps. When working in strict mode, users will also be limited to specific versions of your app, as defined by you.
How can I migrate my testers from TestFlight to TestFairy?
This is very easy. In your TestFlight account, go to People,  select all users, and on the right side, click on Actions -> Export contact Info
In your TestFairy account, go to Testers, click on the Import button, and upload the file you exported from TestFlight.
How do I register a device?
There is no need to register devices in TestFairy. All you need to do is upload your apk and invite your testers. Once your user starts using the app, their device will be registered automatically.
Can I have multiple users on my TestFairy account?
Yes. multiple users is part of our enterprise package, you can read more about it here.
Is TestFairy really better than TestFlight?
Well, to be honest it is hard to compare. In addition to everything that TestFlight did, TestFairy also provides video capture of every test, cpu and memory tracking, coverage reports, heatmaps, JIRA integration, raw data APIs and a lot more. So, actually it is not so hard to compare. Yes. TestFairy is better. Here is why.
Any other answers we should add here?

How to upload an app to TestFairy via API

There are two ways to upload apps to TestFairy: The easy way and the smart way.
The easy way is to use the web upload. As simple as it sounds, just click on the upload button and your’re done.
The smart way is to use our command line uploader.
Why is it better? Because when you upload your app via the web interface, after adding our magic we sign it with our certificate instead of yours. It works perfectly for the majority of apps, however if your app uses 3rd party APIs such as Google In App Billing, Google Maps, Facebook connect and such, those services may not like our signature. For those services where your signature is required, our command line uploader will upload your app, wait for it to be instrumented, get it back, sign it with your signature, and re-upload it to our server. If you are using Jenkins or any other continuous integration platform, this script can be a perfect match.
The code is on our GitHub, please free to change it and offer improvements if you can think of anything useful.

How to make a TestFairy app work with Facebook

Since TestFairy apps are signed with a TestFairy certificate and not with the original developer certificate, in order to have your app work with Facebook please copy the SHA1 hash from your TestFairy project settings and add it into your Facebook account.
This is how it looks like on the Facebook Developers console:
Please make sure you add the new string to ‘Key Hashes’ in addition to the hash that you already have and not instead.