Plumber app review

The Plumber Android app achieves the goals of a great puzzler with its addictive game play and play modes designed to make it simultaneously accessible to novices and challenging for advanced users. This Tetris-inspired game requires users to connect pipes across the screen and allow the free flow of water. The simple gestures and the smooth navigation indicate a well-designed interface that delights and engages.
Plumber Android App review by TestFairy
The Plumber Android app opens with a pop-up with thorough directions to introduce users to game play, gestures, and version history; but users can easily skip and move directly into game play without extensive direction. With each tap on a piece of pipe, it turns clockwise. It may be necessary to tap multiple times for the pipe to land in the desired position. The pipes are segments with different shapes – straight, elbow, and t-shape. The elbow pipes are the most challenging pieces to place as they rotate a quarter turn with each tap.
The play screen for both game modes are the same. Segments of pipe fill the middle of the screen. Some are connected, but others are not. On each side of the screen, there is a vertical pipe with the water connections. A vertical water meter is placed on the far right side of the screen, and it fills and flushes based on game play. The graphics are crisp and clear.
Plumber Android App review by TestFairy
The arcade mode for the Plumber Android app requires the user to keep the water flushed from the meter on the right side of the screen. As pipes are connected from one water spigot to another across the screen, the level of the water in the meter decreases. Also, the connected pipes disappear from the screen, and the pipes shift down a level with new pipes filling the top of the screen. When pipes are connected, a pop-up also introduces users to new power-ups and challenges. If a pipe has a lock, it cannot be adjusted. There are blocked pipes, bonus pipes, and flush pipes too. If the pipes are not connected quickly enough, water gathers in the meter. Once it reaches the top, the game is over. The arcade mode is suitable for almost anyone, as it starts at an easy level. It does, however, quickly accelerate for more advanced users to find challenge and interest.
Plumber Android App review by TestFairy
The challenge mode is a great way to introduce children and grandmothers to puzzler Android apps. The same gestures are used in this mode, but the goal is to connect a pipe with fewer touches and shorter times. Points and stars are earned based on how quickly and efficiently a pipe is connected. Once it is connected, the next puzzle in the level is introduced. The first level is so simple, and it would incite much grumbling among pro-puzzlers. But, advanced puzzlers forget that they too required a starting point. For parents who turn to tablets to educate and entertain, their kids are developing critical thinking skills with the Plumber Android app. Frequently, the pressure of working against a clock and a shower of obstacles leads to frustrated kids – not happy, engaged kids.
Simply put, the Plumber Android app is great fun, well-executed, and accessible to a huge range of users.
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The CATch! app review

The CATch! Android app is a cool endless running game with an action-packed and obstacle-filled course. The intuitive gesture controls result in a quick immersion in the game. The witty graphics bring humor, lightness, and fun, but they also lead to an unintended consequence. If users slow down to check out the treats or the cute protective helmet earned as a power-up, the chubby LOL cat protagonist will fall flat, screech with horror, cling with fingernails, and crash.
The play options for The Catch! Android app offer a variety of choices to complement different privacy concerns and choices with game play. The opening screen has three options – Facebook sync, establish an account with email, and play as guest. With a Facebook authorization, the opportunity to compete with friends or play in co-op mode is available. For casual gamers and those who just want to play a fun game and avoid the hassle of keeping up with another password, the option to play as a guest is a refreshing choice.
The CATch! App Review by TestFairy
The gesture controls for The CATch! Android app are introduced as the game begins. A swipe up on the screen indicates a jump. A swipe left or right not only turns the cat 90 degrees in either direction, but it may also aid the cat in horizontal jumps. A swipe down slides the cat under obstacles. To maintain balance and veer sideways, the tilt of the device is employed. The device tilt is extremely accurate, and it is a vital tool for success in the game. Like all cats, The CATch!’s cat must navigate on narrow footings – a lot.
After the gestures are introduced, the full CATch! adventure is launched automatically. Treats like goldfish appear along the course, and power-ups like milk enhance speed. Other power-ups earn tricks and tools to perform better in the game. The treats and power-ups are not easily earned, as swipes up, down, and accurate tilts must be coordinated with staying on course. The speed is fast, and obstacles are presented in quick succession. A couple of crows are also circling overhead and ready to pounce on weak CATch! cats. The game play is intuitive and familiar to endless running gamers, but the rich, obstacle-laden course provides challenge and complexity.
The CATch! Android app reviewed by TestFairy
As the game progresses and points accumulate, scores are added to the leaderboard – even if playing as a guest. In-app purchases may lead to greater success, but persistence will offer the possibility of purchasing two other CATch! cats with specialized skills with points earned. And, that is a likely outcome with this addictive, delightful game.
The strength of the graphics and the cat world view are thoughtful and dramatically impact the quality of a user’s experience. The perspective of the game scape is a cool blend of a cat’s first-person view and the hovering view of the user following just behind it. The glimpse of the course ahead, the CATch! cat in action, and the user directing is dynamic and fun. Graphic touches like the cat-food shaped treats and forcing a cat to run past a garbage can and under a fence at the same time bring humor and fun to the game. The CATch! cat itself is a classic chubby, adorable cat that will take off with shocking speed to avoid the anger of Grandma, the dogs in pursuit, and the angry birds.
The CATch! Android app reviewed by TestFairy
In a surprising twist, users who play the game well are missing out. One of the most endearing parts of the game is the hilarious way the CATch! cats crash. The yell of the doomed cat and the painful scratching of it trying to hold on by its fingernails punctuates the always amusing fall.
The CATch! Android app is a fun, exciting LOL cat adventure, but, unfortunately, it won’t go viral. Instead, the reward is climbing The CATch! leaderboard standings in minutes after starting this addictive game.
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The Blockheads app review

The Blockheads Android app picks successful elements of Minecraft and Super Mario, adds graphics with a Spongebob Squarepants whimsical touch, and incorporates basic human survival skills and stories. There is a familiar, relatable quality to the Blockheads that unfolds as a unique world is created and human-style characters are nurtured and directed with intuitive gestures and deliberate thought.
The Blockheads app review by TestFairy
The graphics of the Blockheads Android app are built on the model of Minecraft, Super Mario, and Spongebob. The game world is created of cubes of different elements – dirt, rock, wood, etc. Yet, the starry night sky adds unexpected contrast and softness. The characters are selected, and a choice between man or woman is offered. The man or woman has typical human characteristics – just without rounded edges. With Spongebob, menacing, challenging moments lack a real sense of fear or threat, and the Blockheads – for the large part – stays away from adding tension. When a character is in a less-than-desirable situation, hints and insights scroll onto the top of the screen to help you make the right decision. Also, a touch on the info icon will lead to an extensive introduction to the story and skills needed.
There are two play modes for the Blockheads Android app. In single player mode, the user is free to name the world, craft it, and care for the character. Virtually any world contained in a user’s imagination may be crafted with the rich, complex variety of resources and tools available.  In multi-player mode, the collaborative experience of working with others and protecting your character is challenged. These two modes give parents the peace of mind to let a precocious young one experience the game without the distractions and sometimes poor choices made in a multi-player world.
The Blockheads app review by TestFairy
The game screen is efficient, yet power-packed. The first step is to name the world and select a character. A constant update of happiness and energy follows the character around the world in two horizontal line measurements. The emphasis on maintaing proper health and protecting the character drives the story that constantly pops-up on the top of the screen. The powerful crystals earned are tallied in the upper left hand corner of the screen. A tap on the screen moves the character to the new location. To dig out dirt or rock, a tap on the block shows the tool or item needed to accomplish the task. A specific number of objects must be acquired to perform certain actions. The gestures and feel of the game play are intuitive and functional.
On the right side of the screen, the display of inventory is organized in darkened cubes. When an item is touched, it automatically appears in the hands of the character and is ready for use. To check out different, yet similarly categorized items, a touch on the piece of inventory leads to a horizontal sliding field of cubes with graphics of additional inventory. The inventory interface is readily available and frees the user of multiple gestures and navigation screens.
The Blockheads app review by TestFairy
The Blockheads Android app is creative, engaging, thought-provoking, and addictive. The focus on building the character, while addressing, meeting, and conquering the challenges of living in an environment, is a life lesson bundled up in a neat Android package.
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Trello – Organize Anything app review

The Trello – Organize Anything Android app combines to-do lists, task prioritization, pertinent data, and sharing capabilities into neat and functionality-rich boxes. The same, smart interface supports simple errand lists, home and personal projects, and more complex business pursuits.
A Google sync establishes an account. The authorization threatens to be a lengthy one with a warning on the screen, but ultimately a delay does not materialize. The assurance that both services only use appropriate info as accepted in terms of service and privacy should make users more comfortable with the social sync.
Trello review by TestFairy
The home screen is a list view of boards with a menu bar at the top of the screen. The lists appear in alphabetical order, but it can be filtered with a keyword search in the upper menu bar. The person icon leads to a new screen with access to shared boards, profile information, and settings adjustments. The Trello logo with a plus icon in the lower right corner starts the process of adding a new board. The plus icon is frequently incorporated throughout the Trello Android app interface, and generally leads to a pop-up menu of tools and features relevant to the current screen. Prior to adding a new board, the first stop should be the Welcome Board in the list.
The thought and care devoted to the Welcome Board make users instantly comfortable with the interface and navigation. The Welcome Board is an interactive tutorial with three levels. The first Welcome Board contains basic tools, tips, and functions. Horizontal swipes on the screen lead to the intermediate and advanced capabilities. The visual format and basic organization of Trello boards remain the same at all levels, but more detailed and collaborative tools are highlighted and articulated.
Trello review by TestFairy
To create a board, tap the icon or the field to add a board. Each board is named and assigned to an organization, and private or public status is determined. The first board to fill the screen is the to do board. Horizontal swipes lead to a doing board and a done board. The incorporation of multiple boards for different stages of projects is smart, as projects require dynamic, malleable tools for organization.
A tap on the plus icon in the upper right corner of each board adds a new field that is referred to as a “card” in Trello. Each card is contained in a separate visual space on the board. A new card is added, named, and pertinent details included. A card can be a variety of things – a checklist, photos, hyperlinks, files, and notes – added via manual text entry, copy and paste from browser, and file and photo attachment. As each card is created, a new screen that complements the specific card fills the screen. Advanced features allow due date assignment, invitations to others for collaboration, votes, color-coded labels, and keyboard shortcuts.
Trello app review by TestFairy
One of the strengths of the Trello Android app is its graphic style. Visually, Trello’s boards have the feel of a social network feed. A photo may fill a card with a comment box showing the number of items contained in the card. A due date is boldly placed next to a card to grab attention. Each card may contain several pieces of information, but it is streamlined and well-organized.
The Trello – Organize Anything Android app’s social elements and smart tools create an intuitive, forward-thinking productivity app. It makes project management much more palatable, and it thoughtfully reflects the moving parts and multiple stages required to stay on top of life, home, responsibilities, and business.
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Quizlet app review

The Quizlet Android app is not just for students and teachers, but for anyone engaged in learning for business, pleasure, and happy hour trivia competitions. It is a smart, sophisticated, and surprisingly simple tool to research, share, and study flashcards – called sets in Quizlet – on virtually any subject, concept, and strategy at any level. With topics ranging from chemistry and finance to learning the alphabet and destroying an opponent in chess, the impressive quantity and quality of study tools are smartly organized in the Quizlet Android app.
The sign-in process is straightforward. A log-in may be created with date of birth, username, password, and email address. Social authorizations of Google and Facebook are also options to create an account. The social connections allow collaboration for study groups, and some teachers and students have created classes to add sets relevant to in-class material. It is helpful to be aware social sharing is not a requirement to access tools and functions. The Quizlet Android app also syncs with a account, so all devices have access to history, favorites, and saved sets.
Quizlet App Review TestFairy Log-in
The home screen is crisp, clear, and easily navigated. There are two menu bars at the top of the screen – one is blue, and the other is black. The blue menu bar provides tools to move between the vast amount of resources available in the Quizlet social network, and the black menu bar serves to filter and sort the specific sets identified for study.
The blue menu bar has just four icons. A touch on the arrow icon leads to a slide down menu of classes, so movement between classes and all sets is quick. The card with plus icon remains a placeholder for the upcoming feature to create sets within the Quizlet Android app. Currently, the tool to create sets is online only. With more than nine million users, it is entirely possible that sets on a needed subject are already available. The three dot icon allows access to profile and feedback, and the search icon opens a search field to search for flashcards, classes, and specific users. As a search is entered, a list is created on the screen. For example, a search for “chess” yields hundreds of options, but additional words like “strategy” and “openings” narrows the options. The title of the flashcards and number of cards are listed.
The black menu bar is labeled with sorting options like filter, all, studied, created, and favorites. A touch on each word changes the lists of sets instantly. The lists are generally sorted by the most recently studied and added at the top. To enter a keyword, a tap on filter reveals a keyboard for swift entry.
Quizlet App Review TestFairy Home Screen
After a set is selected for study, there are three different modes to engage with the content. The first option for study is simply studying them from a list form. The term is featured in bold print, and the definition is shared just below it. With a touch on either term or definition, it is read aloud. This functionality accommodates those who learn better from listening or reading. The next option is similar to Jeopardy. The term is missing, and the definition is read aloud. In order to win, the missing term must be entered. The final learning tool is matching terms and definitions in a puzzle against a clock. Terms and definitions are placed in a matrix grid, and two consecutive taps on a term and the correct definition removes them from the board.
A cool, unexpected feature of the Quizlet Android app is the incorporation of photographs. If a set has photos, they are used in interesting ways to enhance visual learning. A thumbnail image will appear to the left of a term and definition in a list. In the matching game, the photo is softened and placed in the background while the definition is shared in bold font.
Quizlet App Review TestFairy Match Game
The Quizlet Android app prevents you, your kids, and colleagues from playing awesome Android games because your study materials are not easily available. There is no more procrastinating with these practical study tools available on your Android phones and tablets.
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