Bitrise & TestFairy: A Love Story Better Than Titanic

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Bitrise & TestFairy: A Love Story Better Than Titanic

This post was originally shared by Milosz Moczkowski on the Standwood blog, and we’re happy to re-share it here.

Have you ever considered what happens between hitting that compile button for the last time and seeing your app popping up on Google Play? How much of this can you automate? As an Android developer at stanwood I sometimes make three to four releases a week. The fewer clicks and taps I make to complete this process, the more time I can spend on work that really matters.

Integration Is Key To Automation

Stanwood uses 42 digital services, from the essential tech stuff like CI, issue tracking or analytics to general ones such as communication, email or invoicing. Being a 100% remote digital app agency, our drive to automate is only natural.

Stanwood Services graphics-1

Some of the services we use at stanwood


Even the best tool is useless if it doesn’t play along with other tools. For an app agency like us, CI is one of the most crucial ones, second only to version control. CI is no longer merely about compiling the code and spitting out a binary — It has to work in a dense network of dependencies. Fortunately, Bitrisecooperates with all the tools we need out of the box. Below is a part of our stage workflow. As you can see, a single build involves 4 different services apart from the CI itself.


Stanwood Release Workflow

Part of the release workflow


Create An Efficient Information Flow

We have a lot of clients who count on us. To keep them informed about our progress we do minor releases on a regular and frequent basis. On the other hand, we receive a lot of information back from the customers as well. As most of our clients aren’t tech experts, we cannot ask them about stack traces, and even screen recording can be troublesome. It’s our job to make it easy for them to give us feedback, which is where TestFairy comes into play: it’s a service that provides us with rich insights.


TestFairy Bug Report

TestFairy Bug Report


Resource usage, video, stack trace, a full timeline of steps the user took — you name it! Reproducing a bug has never easier. And the best part is that our clients don’t even need to write a single email since they can send a report straight from the app, which in turn, automatically gets imported into our issue tracking software. Like I said integration is key to automation.

Choose Wisely

In the endless ocean of digital services, you have to make sure to pick the ones that actually make your life easier. You want the products that do the work for you, not the ones that generate more of it. The main selling points I look for are: Active community, frequent updates and a rich catalogue of integrations.


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