Android Studio Integration

TestFairy Android Studio
Deployment and distribution via TestFairy has been ever easier! With the plugin installed in your development editor, you can now upload builds directly to TestFairy with a single click. This plugin is supported by all modern Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA editors.


Start the stopwatch! Here’s how to install the TestFairy plugin within 60 seconds or less:

  • Open the Preferences page in your IDE
  • Select Plugins from the sidebar, and then click Browse Repositories…
  • Type “TestFairy” in the search field at the top
  • Click “Install Plugin” in the right sidebar. You will be prompted to restart your editor

Simple, eh?
Android Studio deploy icon
When it’s all done, you will see an icon with TestFairy’s droid. This is your new buddy, a single click will deploy your APKs.
For further reading and information about manual installation, please refer to the documentation.

7 Replies to “Android Studio Integration”

  1. Worked like a charm, thanks! May want to include some information about how to do this on a Windows machine. The Android Studio menus are different and you actually need to go to Project Settings -> Plugins, instead of Preferences. Also, provide a link or instructions for how to look up your API key as that was needed after installation and took me a bit of digging around on the website to find it. Settings makes sense, I just didn’t think to look there right away.

  2. @nathan_grier:disqus that’s a great tip! For the next release we will add a link that opens the Settings page directly from within your ide.

    1. Are you using gradle or ant for this project? The plugin looks for build.gradle file in the root directory of your project tree. If all fails, please visit the Support tab on TestFairy’s website and they will be able to assist with your specific configuration.

        1. Then can you please email support and mention this? We’ll do our best to solve this with you, so you can use TestFairy directly from within your AS.

  3. I have this error.
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.testfairy.p
    and no matter what i do the error continue. Someboby help me please

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