TestFlight alternative

TestFairy is a super smart app testing platform that can help you developer faster and better.  If you are one of those developers that worked with TestFlight and following TestFlight shutting down looking for a TestFlight alternative, we can help!
TestFairy is a super-easy-to-use testing platform that allows mobile developers do their app testing in an easy and efficient way.  Besides the basic TestFlight features that allowed developers to send apps to testers, get their crash reports, and upgrade them when needed, TestFairy can do a lot more.
With TestFairy developers can get real insights about what exactly happens on the client side during testing, including a video that shows you exactly what your tester did while testing your app. Every screen and every touch is recorded and the results is a video that helps your developer fix bugs faster and better. And there is more. TestFairy Reports also include CPU, memory, battery, logs, coverage reports, heat maps and so much more.
TestFairy is available both for iOS and Android, and is extremely easy to use. The iOS SDK is suprt easy to implement, and Android apps require any integration or any sdk. All you need to do is upload your app, and invite your testers.
TestFairy also offer a quick migration tool that allows you to export all your UDIDs from TestFight, use it before it is too late.
You are welcome to try TestFairy for free today today.

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